Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

What is your service area?

We service the following areas in Northern Virgina: City of Falls Church, Merrifield, Vienna, Mclean. If you are not sure if you fall into our service area please give us a call!

Do you provide landscaping services?

Unfortunately we do not provide landscaping services. Our focus is on lawn maintenance so that we can help reduce the use of gas lawn mowers in our region.

How is your equipment solar powered?

Our lawn equipment batteries are charged by a battery bank that stores solar energy collected by the solar panels mounted on our van.

If you charge by the sun, can you still mow on cloudy days?

Yes. We can still mow on cloudy days. We are equipped with enough back-up batteries to provide our services when solar panel recharge capability is low.

Do you perform services on large properties or commercial properties?

We are limited to mowing properties that are up to 10,000 sqft of mowing area. As we grow we will expand our services to include larger properties. We can provide services to commercial properties if the mowing area is less than 10,000 sqft. If your property is too large let's stay in touch so that we can reach out once we are ready to accomodate larger properties.

Why go electric and what are the benefits of going with all electric equipment?

Electric lawn care equipment for residential lawns is the quietest and cleanest equipment available in our lawn care service industry while still performing at the same quality service as our gas-powered competitors. We encourage all gas-powered companies to take the leap and go electric. Our reasons: 

Quiet - Electric equipment is quieter compared to gas mowing equipment. Going electric for your lawn service reduces noise pollution in your neighborhood and cause less of a disturbance to your neighbors.

Clean - Electric equipment doesn't emit toxic fumes. You'll have peace of mind walking past electric equipment, you'll be able to sit out on your patio after equipment is used because there aren't any lingering odors that are harmful to you, your family, and your pets. 

Sustainable - Emissions released from small gas engines is a huge contributor to air pollution and the lawn care industry is a notorious contributor. Switching to an electric lawn service that uses equipment powered by solar energy helps reduce the negative impact lawn care has on our world.

Does electric equipment still take good care of my lawn?

Yes, our electric equipment for residential lawns performs at the same level and quality (if not better due to extra health and environmental benefits) as our gas-powered competitors.